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Getting Connected


This past week I had to let go my best friend. My dog had a stroke or a seizure that he never bounced back from. It was hard but it’s true you know when to let an animal go just by looking in their eyes. They will tell you if you let them. The events of that night as I look back proved to me if we ‘let go and let God’ everything will work out. I had known for quite some time that my dog wasn’t himself. He was eating the cat’s food, he didn’t want to play ball as long or as much, he was slowing down on the walks and he was more to himself, you could say. He was preparing me for the time when I would have to let him go.

The day before he took his spell, he spent in his favorite spot. I used to call my car the “daycare”. He loved to sit or lay down in the car. He was aware of his surroundings, all the comings and goings, saying ‘hello’ to all the neighbors and making sure to soak up the outdoors. I always knew he was safe and everyone else was safe when he was in the car. His last day in the car was Sunday, a beautiful spring day with fresh air blowing through the windows and sun sneaking through the trees. He was there almost all day, but didn’t greet anyone in his usual spirited way. He just soaked up the sun and the fresh air… How perfect.

The next day was a storm day…How perfect… a walk before the snow was too deep… and a full day at home with my best friend. Tell me who would have thought it was able to snow after the beautiful weekend that took all the snow away. At this point, it was another day at home, nothing too special. I was feeling a bit guilty for not making any money; I worked on the phone trying to line up business. He would come over and distract me for some fun – reminding me that balance is important.

That evening, after all the Vet Clinics were closed, he took his spell rather suddenly. I just sat on the floor with him telling him it would be ok and that I loved him. I called my neighbor who works at a Vet Clinic to come over for an educated opinion. She is an angel and one of my dog’s favorite neighbors. She was just about to head to bed but hadn’t yet… How perfect… He just lay there not being himself, not able to walk, his big brown eyes not working right. She told me how to get in contact with the Vet on call… How perfect… I wouldn’t have to wait… we would have a Vet to ourselves. I remembered I had some Bach Flowers at home for trauma and grief among other things… How perfect…I gave my dog and I both a dose. It calmed us both in 5 minutes, the fastest I have ever seen… How perfect. I went to shovel out the car and another neighbor was outside doing the same, someone to help with my car and to help airlift my best friend into my car…How perfect.

It was midnight and I was home in bed digesting the events of the evening. I called my Mom and Dad who were home. It was only 8pm their time… How perfect. I told them the news. It was nice to be able to share with people who understand. I told them how ‘my dog’ had set everything up perfectly and my Mom, thank heavens, said to me “Oh Heather, nothing works that perfectly without God’s hand”. She was so right. She reminded me we can feel the serendipity of God’s hand all the time. We just have to trust…How perfect.

County Chronicle, April 6, 2009

Niko, one of my teachers.

Wellness Networker – Winter 2008

Are you an EMPATH?

Not sure what those are, but curious… Keep reading and you may discover something about yourself, as well as, some coping skills to keep you moving forward. The following statements may describe you or someone you know, either a child or an adult.

  • Feel the pain of others, either people or animals, deeply
  • Often feel emotions deeply
  • Prone to recurrent depression or anxiety
  • Cannot easily release sad or upset feelings
  • Avoid conflict or confrontations
  • Feel overwhelmed or depleted by crowds or hectic environments
  • Worry about situations and cannot let them go

Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions that another is feeling. It is to walk in their shoes, so to speak. Being Sensitive is to sense the emotions that another is feeling. To me, they are variations of the same thing, like two different models of a car. It is very important that people are aware that this is normal, but not necessarily normal for everyone. People, who aren’t Empaths or Sensitives, do not necessarily grasp the extent that words, events or other people can affect someone. It is also possible for Empaths or Sensitives to “shutdown” the feelings or senses. They almost become cold or unaware on some levels. I know because I lived this process. It is like there was an overload or over-stimulation and just like a circuit breaker shuts off to protect the rest of the circuit so did my over-sensitivity. Now I have to tune into the person or situation to sense what is going or tune into what I’m feeling to understand it. I consider myself to be fortunate because this isn’t the case for so many people. Being an Empath or Sensitive can be extremely draining.

When I was young, my parents and siblings struggled nightly to get me to bed and it was only in the last few months that I started to understand why. I must have believed in denial at the time. I wasn’t afraid. I just didn’t want to miss out on anything and being the youngest meant that I was sent to bed much earlier than the rest of the house. I since have put some credence into ‘The Monsters Inc’ movie. As a child, a Sensitive or Empath, can work himself into quite a worrisome state reviewing all the events and emotions felt throughout the day or week or month without the understanding or wisdom of years of experience. Things become much larger and lose perspective. Adults can become tired of the routine and may not be ‘seeing’ what is happening. Coping skills may not be taught and bedtime may become a chore for all involved. I recently spent some time with an eight year old. He was fearful of so many things, imaginary and real, and in his mind, his room was no longer a safe place. He no longer had perspective on what reality was for so many of the things that he worried about. To him, those things that some might say are imaginary, are very, very real. By dealing with those things as real items, we are validating and dispelling the negative, out of proportion feelings. We can give a child back the control of their room by utilizing their great imagination in ways that work for them instead of against them. The key is to try to think like that child and empathize with them. Once you see like the child then you can rationally address the issues by dispelling the negative experience. We can then teach them skills to deal with situations that they are afraid of. One such method is to think of all the things in the day or week that they are thankful for as they are settling down to sleep. This will distract them by focusing them on the positive and that will start to strengthen them. They will start attracting more positive things and the negative things that they were worrying about or fearful of, will no longer have the magnitude that they once had.

When fear or discomfort is felt by people, not just Empaths or Sensitives, they sometimes will become “ungrounded”. What is “ungrounded”? Well, people can look or feel distracted, day dreamy, clumsy or uninterested in the world around them. It is when we are ungrounded that we can lose touch with reality. The most common visual for getting someone to “ground” themselves is to imagine being a tree. Imagine a tree with long, strong roots that reach to the center of the Earth, the larger the tree, the bigger the roots. Being grounded helps us to stay in touch with reality and also be present, “in the now”. When we are “in the now” things are dealt with as they are, not as we imagine them to be.  It is a good thing to periodically check if you are grounded and practice grounding yourself. By doing this exercise regularly, you will help yourself in more ways than you can imagine. Some Empaths “hit the escape button” on a regular basis, by this I mean they become “ungrounded” in order to cope with the over-stimulation of the situation. This is a false way to cope. It’s like getting liposuction, but not dealing with the reason why someone was obese.

I have learned many things to help an Empath or Sensitive to cope. I even took a course once. Most of these things involve avoidance. Don’t go the mall or don’t watch sad or violent television, but that’s not living. There are some skills that involve living. Detachment from outcomes, circumstances and people is one skill. Once an Empath or a Sensitive can detach from the circumstances around him and realize that it is not his to take on, he can see the situation as it is, not as he perceives it to be. Our perceptions feed our emotions and our emotions feed our perceptions. This can create a positive cycle or it can create a negative cycle. The key is to detach and recognize which cycle you are creating. Another skill is Acceptance. To accept that the world is, as it is, for a reason and it isn’t something the Empath or Sensitive should take on, fix or help in order to continue living on the Earth as a worthy human being. Detachment and Acceptance are two key actions that can help an Empath or a Sensitive to cope with the world around them. They are easy to say and like any new habit may take some time to develop. They are skills worth taking the time to develop.

by Heather Drummond

RBC Newsletter – Fall 2007

Healing Vitality – Finding the Keys to Your Health

I believe that “Understanding and Awareness Lead to Well-being”. This phrase is a motto for my company. I have always been interested in the puzzle. From figuring out how physics surrounds us in our daily lives to the television show CSI to understanding what makes people tick. What once took up an hour on Thursday nights now has become my career of choice. I worked in Customer Service, Sales and Management in the Call Center industry for fourteen years. After those years, I realized I needed to do something else. I went to The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to study a hobby of mine. During that year I reconnected with and on some levels, discovered my passion. I have continued to learn over the last few years about what makes people tick through training in various energy work techniques including Therapeutic Touch, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Bach Flower Remedies.

I see each person as a whole person. I take a holistic approach in dealing with their issues. I see a puzzle that needs to be pieced together. One of my philosophies is that we have four corners to our foundations – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If we neglect one of those areas then we aren’t as solid or content as we could be. We easily invest in our cars, our careers and our homes and yet we sometimes find it difficult to justify investing in ourselves. The irony is that we will be around a lot longer than any of those other things.

I have several tools that I used to help people connect the dots. We can gather so many answers if we ask the right questions. By acting as a facilitator and guiding the process either with my Biomeridian Machine during a Health Assessment or during a Energy Work Session or through an Empowerment Seminar, I can help people to discover what makes them tick on all four levels. What I find fascinating is that each individual is a new discovery because every person is unique. The client benefits from being able to access my entire toolbox of training and natural abilities. I listen to their needs and symptoms and customize the process to maximize their time.

I have amazing clients who have pushed me to learn and discover more ways to help them heal. The autistic clients who lead me back to Orthomolecular Medicine. The Diabetic client who was open to work with the technique of Hado Water from Dr Emoto’s findings to support balancing his blood sugars. The client who was so sensitive to supplements and medications and who suffered from insomnia, digestive issues and headaches who pushed me to get training in the Chronic Reversed Polarity process to help him. And now I have helped over 140 clients gain back a quality of life that they had lost. The client with prostate cancer who believed subconscious beliefs were holding him back so we worked together with Theta Healing to modify those beliefs. I have also the pleasure of working with animals and their owners. These incredible beings have a lot to teach us. It has been amazing to be a part of these journeys toward overall wellbeing. I feel so much gratitude to have found my bliss and be a part of others finding theirs.

By Heather Drummond

Wellness Networker – Autumn 2006

Chronic Reversed Polarity

What is Chronic Reversed Polarity? Essentially, it is a state in which the body”s electromagnetic field is disturbed or imbalanced causing the water in the body”s cells to spin counter clockwise instead of clockwise.  Chronic Reversed Polarity occurs when the electrical flow or body system creates a polarity. This effect is similar to the properties of a magnet which , when subjected to stress, can switch polarity or lose polarity all together.

The body has a natural ability to heal itself.  However, when the body s in a state of Chronic Reversed Polarity, this natural ability to heal is inhibited.

There are several causes of Reversed Polarity which include stress, extensive exposure to elecromagnetic fields, changes in sea level, exposure to anesthetic or extensive exposure to airplane travel.  People with a strong immunity can switch their polarity back and forth and therefore do not have Chronic Reversed Polarity. However, if a person has a compromised immune system, they may have a harder time recovering the proper polarity.  This can, in turn, manifest into various symptoms such as headaches, addictions, depression, obsessive thoughts, poor concentration or memory, chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, digestive symptoms like constipation or IBS, ADD/ADHD, clumsiness, inability to relax or chronic stress.  As well as any chronic health problem including diabetes, cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Not everyone sufering from these symptoms will have Chronic Reversed Polarity, but it may be part of the equation.

Your body is made up of 70-75% water.  If the water in your cells is spinning backwards, toxins and nutrients are not able to move in an appropriate way to either eliminate or assimilate.  A build up of toxins in the body couples with a lack of appropriate nutrients can make an individual feel like they are chronically sick. One observation about this condition is that te person may react the opposite way to certain substances.  For example, coffee makes them sleepy or a sleeping pill may keep them awake or headache medication makes things worse, not better.

There is a simple test which can be done to determine if you have Chronic Reversed Polarity. It is a non-invasive test. Polarity Testing is conclusive and there are personalized treatment plans that can be determined after the testing to assist in the correction of the Chronic Reversed Polarity.

By Heather Drummond