“I’m delighted and feel so fortunate to help people realize their potential by working with them physically, emotionally and energetically. Together, we can solve some of life’s mysteries and put the pieces of the puzzle in place to help you heal.”

Biomeridian Health Assessments


The Biomeridian technology is used to access your Personal Energy Field which acts like a personal search engine like Google. The process provides us with a Health Assessment of 30 or more body system and organs. The resulting information helps us determine the priorities that needing to be addressed. This entire process will become your Personal Road Map to Well-Being. This Road Map includes lifestyle support, key tools to help deal with emotional issues if they come up and nutritional support looking at diet and possible supportive nutrients with suggestions for supplementation to strengthen your overall system. Orthomolecular Medicine is a part of this practice when it is needed. Orthomolecular Medicine, as conceptualized by double-Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, aims to restore the optimum environment of the body by correcting imbalances or deficiencies based on individual biochemistry, using substances natural to the body such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and fatty acids.

  • Awareness Techniques
  • Rebalancing Techniques
  • Flower Essence

For links from the company that manufactures the equipment used in this process, please refer to www.biomeridian.com

For information about Orthomolecular medicine, please refer to http://www.orthomed.org/