Heather Drummond, BARegistered Holistic Nutrtionist
Naturopath with ATNQ

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53 Killam Dr,
Moncton, NB

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E-mail: heather@healingvitality.ca
Tel: 506-850-4846

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38357_464396697488_6593802_nHeather Drummond,
Owner of Healing Vitality Ltd.

After spending 14 years in the corporate world where I ascribed to the grab-and-go diet and payed homage regularly to the church of retail, I decided it was time to make some change. At this point in my career I had won many awards, accolades and admiration but I had also earned myself two burn-outs, pre-cancerous cells and a nagging feeling that said, “I’m done”.  I walked away with no idea of what was next but knew that I needed to take time to heal myself. I decided that my first step was to take courses from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. These courses ignited the journey that has brought me to where I am today. Over the years I have studied various modalities including Chinese Medicine, Energy Work, Reflexology, Orthomolecular Medicine, Bach Flower Remedies and have attended many conferences in healing the whole person.

I feel so fortunate to help people realize their potential by working with them physically, emotionally and energetically. Together, we can solve some of life’s mysteries and put the pieces of the puzzle in place to help you heal.