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Consulting Practitioner

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Getting Connected


If your school or business is interested in booking a seminar or you are interested in having a consultation to customize your own seminar, please contact me. I would love to work with you.

Lunch and Learns, Feel Good Sessions and Keynotes are available.  I work with small and large groups and have experience with all ages.

Corporate Customers who have had seminars include:

Exxon Mobil, SERHA – Moncton and Sackville Hospitals, Farm Canada Credit, Irving Equipment, Teacher’s Union Credit Union, Minacs Call Center, Sunnybrae Middle School and Medavie Blue Cross

Here are some Seminar Summaries:

Holistic Health for Anxiety and Depression – This 90 minute session is full of new information about what impacts our mental health and how the body is actually creating mental health symptoms as a signal to fix a systemic issue. Look at toxic load, hormones and more.

Kids and Mental Health – This 1 hour session deals with today’s issues and how to support them. ADD/ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Stress and Depression. Dealing with nutrition and supplements as well as supporting the family and coping with the big impact of mental health.

Supporting the Aging Mind – This 1 hour session is insightful in ways to prevent and support the aging mind dealing with foods and supplements as well as lifestyle.

Happy Hormones – This 1 hour session helps your navigate the various ways to support hormone health.

Stress Busting – This 1 hour session guarantees results for your staff. These innovative techniques should be incorporated into every day life.

Keys to Good Health – This 1 hour session is packed with tools. Follow through and feel amazing – better sleep, energy, digestion and more.

Leader of the Pack – This 1 hour session gives a unique approach to management and people skills. Come realize the hidden potential of your management.

Lost Your Spring? –  This 30 minute session is driven to maximize  performance with the least effort. The key is in making the commitment to do it.

Things I Wish I knew when I was a Teenager – This 1 hour session focuses on leveraging experience and humor to encourage positive living habits for today’s youth. It is great for parents as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Other Services Available:

Body Brain Mapping – Learn whether a chemical inbalance, food sensitivity or a nutritional deficiency is affecting your mood, weight, hormones or sleep.

Animal Behavior Therapy – Working with your pet to help with emotional and behavior issues. Sometimes it is a two for one experience because the pet is acting out to get the owner’s attention about something that needs to change.

INTUIT sessions – individual consultation giving you insight and helping you connect and trust your gut feeling. Available for all ages.

Healing Happenings – Group sessions on physical, emotional and spiritual/energetic that help people connect with others and share their experiences.

Consultations on a wide variety of topics from health to energy to business skills.