Heather Drummond, BA

Registered Nutritional
Consulting Practitioner

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“I have a five year old who is very very hyperactive and becomes easily overstimulated by his environment which made dealing with him incredibly difficult. Thanks to Heather and her “magic potion” Bach Flower Remedy, Health Assessment and Energy Work we were able to pinpoint the areas that needed guidance and direction towards a better, happier, healthier lifestyle. Since his visits with Heather, my son”s behaviors have completely changed for the better which makes life so much easier for the entire family. There was absolutely no guilt in giving him the remedies because they are all natural and the change in him is remarkable. I would recommend Heather to every parent out there. This change in behavior has dramatically reduced my stress levels which makes my life a lot better and happier. I actually enjoy being a parent again.”

- MD

“I was introduced to Heather without knowing exactly what she offered in the healing sciences. I quickly realized, regardless of which one of her specialties I decided on, one fact was clear, that I would be in a safe place (regardless of location and distance) where I could allow my body, mind or sprit be enhanced by Heather”s approach.”


“Heather has been instrumental in helping me get in touch with my inner self. She also assisted me in better understanding the implication of universal energies. Her interventions resulted in my being able to achieve greater spiritual awareness. I have consistently referred friends and family to Heather and will continue to do so.”


“Heather told me things about my body that she couldn”t have known-about my lungs, skin and gallbladder. The thing that I liked the best about the Biomeridian Testing is that it”s not general, it”s specific things to me. It”s awesome! Well worth doing… I encourage anyone to take the time for themselves and see what they can learn!”


“Heather has been the key I was looking for. I feel absolutely amazed and thankful for the results that I”ve received in a relatively short time.”


“Our son, who has juvenile diabetes, did testing with Heather – His pancreas was on overdrive – After her advice and treatment, he was better able to control his sugar levels. We did the testing too and have never felt better!”

-LK & DK

“Heather provides caring and knowledgable Natropathic treatments. I’ve had great results with our treatments and look forward to many more.” – LD

“Heather is are such an amazing healer and knowledgeable health practitioner! She knows so much about so many things and she is intuitive too. She is also an excellent public speaker and she knows how to make you feel comfortable whether you are in a group or one on one. I constantly recommend her to my friends because of her talent in her field coupled with her caring personality. I am so happy that we met! My life is better for having known her.”  – ND

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did with the children this summer at the Intuit kids camp. My daughter loved it so much! Every day she came home and told me of all the different things she had experienced. I couldn’t get over how many different experiences and events they were exposed to in one just one week! She especially loved learning about the crystals and walks at the nature park. Actually, she loved all of it, and there are too many things to list! What a gift to be able to share all your expertise with these kids…I really appreciate and value the work you do Heather. Thanks again Heather. See you next year.” – LS

“Heather is a caring health and wellness provider. She is knowledgeable and dedicated to her clients. Her clinic is convenient and she has created a warm and comfortable atmosphere.”  – PM

“Heather is a personable, intuitive, out-of-the-box thinker who offers good value for the great results she gets in her Health & Wellness practice. Her scientific background is a good foundation for a complementary and alternative medicine healing practice, and she uses objective measures, so clients can track their progress in an evidence-based environment. She keeps up to date on her knowledge of the subject and takes that extra step for her clients, accomodating to their schedules and particular needs, demonstrating respect and integrity. I highly recommend Heather.”  – JL

My experience with Heather has been life changing !! She is blessed with so many talents that I am continually amazed and so thankful ! She has a gift of “discovery”- when you go to see her she can ALWAYS discover what is at the root of your trouble !! I leave with so much more insight into my life and solutions to whatever is ailing me , whether it be showing itself as a physical illness or just a feeling that things are ‘not right’. I have recommended Heather to so many people and I do it with such confidence knowing that she will be a positive force in their lives.” – J.L.

“Walking into Heathers office and talking to her for a few minutes, made me feel  that I had found a partner to help me with my health goals. One of my many problems has been my cholesterol levels and an inability to take the statin drugs to help reduce them.  Heather has recommeded a regimen of vitamins that have, over a period  of three months,  brought my cholesterol to levels much better that the statins previously had.  If you’re are not feeling healthy for any reason and want to try something other than main-stream medicine,  I’d recommend that you give Heather a chance to help.”   E.V.