“I’m delighted and feel so fortunate to help people realize their potential by working with them physically, emotionally and energetically. Together, we can solve some of life’s mysteries and put the pieces of the puzzle in place to help you heal.”

Energy Work

Do you know we all have an energy system around us? A lot of health concerns can be derived from imbalances in this system. It can be a place to look into if health concerns are not going away with the appropriate medical care.

Working together with the powers that be, you and I are able to get rid of energetic blockages, baggage and fill you back up with your energy by reconnecting you to your source. You will also learn self care techniques to enhance your energetic well-being.

I provide most of my services at a long distance and over the phone
— which allows greater flexibility for my clients. I also use these techniques with animals for a variety of reasons to improve quality of life for the owner and pet.